Split Lip Sunday Night Rumble, February 1st


Editor’s Note:  In the spirit of literary citizenship (and the cheesy title I just thought of for this series), I’m going to be rounding up some weekly favorites from around the web here on the blog.

Happy Super Bowl (some roman numerals) to you all! We don’t have cable because we’re poor, and we also don’t have cool friends who have fun parties, so here I am, on Sunday night, writing a blog that likely no one will be reading.

But maybe you’ll catch it during your Monday morning crockpot-dip hangover.

New Issues

Our friends at Noble/Gas Quarterly released their second, super-stellar issue. Check it out here.

Contributors Killin’ It

Loved and lol’ed at (Issue 7) Tabitha Blankenbiller’s Guy Fieri fanfiction (oh yes she did) over at The Mondegreen (who also released a killer inaugural issue a few weeks ago).

(Note to previous contributors: I try to keep track of you on Twitter, but it’s hard–especially since some of you don’t even use Twitter! If you have news or pubs to share, please feel free to email so I can include them here.)

New Magazines

The inaugural issue of THIS. Magazine blew me away. Gorgeous design, even more gorgeous work. I especially liked Shasta Grant’s piece “Don’t Ever Change.”

Story I Loved

“I Knew I Loved You” by Claire Comstock-Gay in the newest issue of Midnight Breakfast.

Happy reading!



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