2015 Livershot Memoir Contest Winner + Finalists

Thank you to everyone who sent their flash memoir (under 750 words) for our first Livershot Memoir Contest. We narrowed almost 300 entries down to 11 (we tried for 10, but just couldn’t do it), and then we sent the entries to our final judge, Matthew Dexter, who chose the winners. All winners will be published in the Winter issue of Split Lip Magazine.


WINNER ($200 prize + publication):  Tatiana Ryckman, “My House Burned Down”

First Runner-Up (publication):  S.M. Whitfield, “Photography”

Second Runner-Up (publication): Erica Naone, “Punch”



Emily Capettini, “How to Pass a Summer; Or, Genevieve, at the Lake”

Tyrese Coleman, “Nameless Mounds”

Jennifer Jackson Berry, “The Deal, Part II: But Skin Heals Itself”

Hannah Jones, “Before and After”

Julia Kolchinsky-Dasbach, “Dear Birthplace,”

Joanne Lozar Glenn, “Blanket”

Dina Relles, “Compulsory Crossing”

Jen Rouse, “And These, My Least Best Selves”


Congratulations to all the winners and finalist who made this a super tough job. Thank you also to our powerhouse readers, Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice, Ray Shea, and Brieana Williams!



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