Turnbuckle Chapbook Contest Winner!

For months, our small group of readers have been reviewing the 250+ chapbooks submitted to this year’s contest. Last week, we finally narrowed it down to 10 finalists and some honorable mentions–there were just SO MANY GOOD MANUSCRIPTS.

Guest Judge Sara Lippmann was sent the finalists, and after careful reading, she has chosen SJ Sindu‘s chapbook, I Once Met You But You Were Dead, for publication at Split Lip Press in early 2017.


SJ Sindu

Of the manuscript, Sara said:

“This chapbook is raw and timely and unforgettable. I love the textured layers, how the stories unfold, the jagged edges, how they push up against one another in juxtaposition and in accumulation. The prose is assured, dynamic and alive, confidently moving through time and space. I love the mix presented: of style and structure, point of view — held together by a consistent yet refreshing voice. I love how the author comes at theme from different angles to prismatic effect. People ask me why I read, and my answer is for work like this: that stirs me out of my comfort zone, that upturns expectation and burrows into the deep, that grabs me by the heart and transports me, leaving me changed. This chapbook delivers on that front. There is a vitality and vulnerability to this voice, evidenced by how it shifts, often within story, breaking rules, that excites me in a way I have not felt in some time. The stories feel urgent and necessary and not overworked, seams showing, stories that speak to a big literary future ahead.”


First Runner-Up:   Shasta Grant, Gather Us Up and Bring Us Home  

(which Split Lip will also have the great fortune to publish in summer 2017!)

Second Runner-Up:  Lara Coley, WE 

Samantha Duncan, Chaos Theory

Katie Flynn, Border Patrol

Katherine Gehan, National Treasure

Meghan McClure, Portrait of a Body in Wreckages

Clare Paniccia, Threaded Daughter/Threaded Child

Emily Pinkerton, Adaptations 

Jesse Rice-Evans, Twin Hungers (recently picked up by Damaged Goods Press!)

Pete Stevens, The Girl Who Could Float



Kelly Dulaney, Grog Blossoms

Jessica Roeder, Staircases Will Outnumber Us

Susan Rukeyser, What is Reflected


Hugely grateful to our readers: Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice, Jenne Knight, Sonya Vatomsky, Jon McConnell, and Sara Biggs-Chaney, as well as the talented + insightful Sara Lippmann for helping us make this really tough decision.

Stay tuned for more!





Hello, and happy June! (WTF, how are we already halfway through this year? Time is weird.)

There is SO. MUCH. going on with both the magazine and the press. Here is the quick and dirty list to keep you up to date:

SPLIT LIP MAGAZINE NEWSto and, who are joining the Split Lip staff as Flash Fiction Editor and Memoir Editor. We are thrilled to get to add these talented writers/editors to our roster and hope you will send them work ASAP!

  • HUGE WELCOME to Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice and Jen Palmares Meadows, who are joining the Split Lip staff as Flash Fiction Editor and Memoir Editor. We are thrilled to get to add these talented writers/editors to our roster and hope you will send them work ASAP!
  • We are now accepting FLASH FICTION as its very own category! And submissions are free until the end of the month:  submit your best (under 1000 words) here.
  • Late this summer, we are going to be transitioning from an online quarterly to more of a weekly magazine–so you can get your Split Lip fix 24/7 instead of just four times a year. We are excited about this new direction, and we already have some stellar work chosen for the launch.



  • The TURNBUCKLE CHAPBOOK CONTEST finalists have been sent to our guest judge, Sara Lippmann. Stay tuned for the winner, who will have their chapbook published with Split Lip in early 2017.
  • We have books forthcoming from Mila Jaroniec (novel), Melissa Wiley (essay collection), and Kristen Arnett (story collection). We could not be more thrilled to work with these incredibly talented writers.

NOTE:  We might need a  little help in the near future. If you’re interested in learning the small press ropes, just give us a shout. It’s all volunteer (but we can pay you in books and joy).

I think that’s all? But more soon…