From the Desk of the New Editor-in-Chief: Some Notes On Editing and Lip Splitting

Confession #1: I have never had a split lip 1) because I’ve never been in a real physical fight and 2) because I am near religious about my lip balm application in all seasons.

Confession #2: Even though I am the newest editor of Split Lip magazine, a publication known for its edge and grit, I’m actually quite tenderhearted. But fiercely so. As in:  if I love you, I am ready and willing to kick someone’s ass if they hurt you, and I’m incredibly loyal once you’ve won me.

Confession #3: I am easily won by things like: kindness. humor. well-chosen gifts. well-chosen words.

At the heart of my editing is my…heart.  I want to be moved by your work. The direction doesn’t matter. Break it or make it swell.

And I’m still looking for the things Split Lip has always been looking for: sting. torque. bite.

A favorite line from a song by Father John Misty (video NSFW) that I often end up singing to myself in my head (okay, sometimes out loud if I’m all alone) when I have a a rough day goes: Oh, pour me another drink/and punch me in the face/You can call me Nancy. 

When it comes to writing: Sometimes I want a slow burn like liquor. Sometimes I want the chance to be somebody else. And sometimes, I just really want to be punched in the face.

So, come on over here and split my lip. (You’ll have to get through my team of stellar editors first).




Split Lip Magazine: New Editor-in-Chief


After searching for a significant period of time, and as we waited patiently for the perfect person for the job, Amanda Miska was recruited to serve as Split Lip Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief in December, 2014. She joined with her fists up throwing brass knuckle punches with all sorts of plans to push Split Lip to its next level. She is the former fiction curator at Luna Luna Magazine, one of the most visited online magazines out there, and one that also features media outside of literature like music, fine art and film. Split Lip’s perfect fit.

Amanda received her MFA in Creative Writing from American University. Her work is all over the place in fine journals like Whiskey Paper, CHEAP POP, jmww, The Collapsar, Storychord, Five Quarterly, Cactus Heart, Lockjaw Magazine, Pea River Journal, Hippocampus Magazine, Cartridge Lit, Atticus Review and elsewhere. She lives and writes in the Northern part of Virginia, but you can find her procrastinating on Twitter: @akmiska.

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