Jared Yates Sexton Signs Book Deal with Split Lip Press


Split Lip Press is privileged to announce it has signed a two-year, two-book deal with fiction rock star Jared Yates Sexton. The first of the two forthcoming titles, The Hook and the Haymaker, is scheduled to release January 15, 2015.

A perfect fit for Split Lip’s punk rock aesthetic, Sexton says of his first collection, An End to All Things (Atticus Books, 2012): “When I was younger I challenged myself to write things my family members would be uncomfortable reading, or things that could get me in hot water with people I knew.” Split Lip, a press unafraid of hot water in any manner, is exceedingly proud to have Sexton join its roster.

“Sexton defines Split Lip fiction,” says Editor-in-Chief J. Scott Bugher. “His dry wit and dark humor, how it colors his prose about life’s complications that are universal to all, led me to seek him out. There is no better way of putting it: If you want a clear understanding of the Split Lip brand, take a look at any story by Sexton. Notice the hints of Carver, McCarthy and Bukowski. The work has grit, and grit is Split Lip Press.”

Sexton joined Split Lip after J. Scott Bugher, a lifelong fan, recruited him heavily. Seeing all the press had to offer, Sexton’s reply was a very enthusiastic “yes.” Bugher, also publisher of Split Lip Magazine, was thrilled enough to have published Sexton’s short story, “Behold, I Come as a Thief” in the magazine’s January 2013 issue, then even more so when that story was selected as one of only four stories in Sundress Publication’s prestigious Best of the Net anthology. Now that he’ll be releasing two full books by the author, Bugher considers this deal “a milestone” for his company.

Split Lip Press is a discerning outlet seeking select titles that celebrate solid literary works. Stepping in to fill the industry void left by big wig publishers, Bugher is a leading figure in the literary scene as one who releases only the best-written fiction and poetry rather than young adult book franchises and murder-mysteries released by major publishing houses. Selectivity is a stringent affair for Split Lip Press when seeking manuscripts for book publication, and such selectivity is based on high standards for quality writing, which Sexton surpasses, and an author’s activity in the literary scene, a world that Sexton is very tapped into given his impressive publications, appearances at major literary events, and his memorable, animated readings.

The grounds for Split Lip’s high standards come down to this: Split Lip believes there are fans still hungry for new literary fiction and poetry, fans willing to comb small presses for the such. It is Split Lip’s mission to provide readers with books that shine brighter than the rest.

About Jared Yates Sexton:

After receiving his MFA at Southern Illinois University, Sexton moved on to teach writing at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and serve as managing editor for BULL: Men’s Fiction. In 2012, he landed a gig with the creative writing faculty at Georgia Southern University. Winning attention from editors worldwide, Sexton, along with his Best of the Net selection, has had work appear in publications like Salon, Southern Humanities Review, Hobart, PANK, and elsewhere. His stories have been nominated for a handful of Pushcarts, the Million Writers Award, and was a finalist for the New American Fiction Prize. His first book, An End To All Things, has been lauded by critics in Publisher’s Weekly, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Portland Book Review, among others. In short, Sexton is a force in the literary scene. He doesn’t throw punches in the dark; he knows his targets and lands a hard blow to each one with every swing of his bare-knuckled fist.

About Split Lip Press:

A former top Nashville session musician, J. Scott Bugher bases Split Lip Press on the modern music industry, where recording artists understand major label record deals are things of the past, which has triggered the rise of indie labels releasing the best music out there. Bugher feels like publishing is evolving similarly. “For some reason, writers have sat on manuscripts for up to a decade while paying up to thousands in reading and contest fees, hoping for a major book deal,” says Bugher. “Why hold onto a manuscript for that long and pay that much when you can partner with a determined and passionate small press?” Though Split Lip can only do so much, the bookmaker believes small press publishing is the new world order for the literary scene.

For more information on Jared Yates Sexton, visit http://www.jysexton.com.

For more information on Split Lip Press, visit http://www.splitlippress.com.