Bad Ass: The Blade Runners!


by J. Scott Bugher

Split Lip is a bad ass press that likes bad ass things like professional wrestling. Read further and learn about Split Lip’s favorite two people one should never, ever fuck with.

Who were the most bad ass masters of wreckage to step inside a WCW or WWF ring? Give you some hints and some history: They were both a part of The Blade Runners, a tag-team for the ever-so-popular CWA (Continental Wrestling Association) back in 1985. One of the team’s world destroyers was Steve Borden, better known as Flash in the day. The other expert of torment was James Hellwig, better known as Rock. Not the Rock who took over our WWF brand sleeping bags and lunch boxes in 1996, but simply Rock. BAD ASS.

They were first known as the Freedom Fighters, a team of one looking like Zack Morris on steroids and the other looking like Lou Ferrigno on more steroids. But once the new wave music scene hit the radio, the two kings of demolition changed their look to spiked hair––Flash bleached his blonde and Rock dyed his jet black. BAD ASS.

Once the freedom-fighting brow-beaters of doom realized The Blade Runners would be a far more bad ass name, they painted their faces and fought as intensely as Kiss guitar solos. But only after six months as a tag team, they parted ways. Rock moved on to fight in the WWF and changed his name to the iconic Ultimate Warrior (RIP, Bruiser) and Flash went with the WCW as the oh-so-mother-frackin-bad-ass name, Sting! BAD ASS to the 10th power.

Why are these men loved by Split Lip? Because these two legends of pain define BAD ASS. Just look at the timeline below.


A little cute, but still pretty Bad Ass.


Who just escalated to complete Bad Ass? Oh, I think these guys did.


OH MY GOD! ‘Scuse me while I go puke. I can’t stomach the Bad Ass.

So, there you have it folks. The definition of Bad Ass. Split Lip Press can only hope to be as bad ass as these two Doctors of Ruin.